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    Fat Cat

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    Disney Afternoon.

    The two magical words that followed each school day. Waiting for that last bell became so more tolerable when you knew that great cartoons awaited you at home. At the height of Disney Afternoon powers, it was two hours of awesomeness: Duck Tales. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. Tale Spin. Darkwing Duck.

    Of course, this being Disney, there weren't any Jews. Not the ducks of Tales, the chipmunks of Rangers, the bears of Spin, and the ducks (again) of Darkwing. At least not among the heroes.

    For there was one evil, evil bad guy who could be interpreted as Jewish: Fat Cat, the criminal mastermind who battled Chip and Dale. According to voice actor Jim Cummings, this overgrown wanna-be Bond villain was based on Dom DeLuise (friend of Jews, but not a Jew) and Zero Mostel (aha!).

    Of course, our childhood selves would want nothing to do with Fat Cat. But as adults? He hates chipmunks, after all, and after seeing those little bastards dig holes through our backyard, we can't help but feel a little comradery for the obese feline.

    So, Fat Cat... Jewish?

    Nah. Let's not spoil our memories of Disney Afternoon.

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    July 13, 2012

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