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    Simon bar Kokhba

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    ? – 135 CE

    We need to stand up for Simon bar Kokhba.

    You see, some scholars call him "Simon bar Koziba".

    "Kokhba" means "Star". "Koziba"? "Disappointment".

    So what did Simon do to deserve such a name change? He led a Jewish revolt in the first century CE. He established a Jewish state in Judea. He ruled that state for three years. That's right, Simon succeeded where so many others have failed, before him and after: a Jewish state in the Holy Land. "Disappointment"? Sounds like "Superstar"!

    Of course, it didn't work out too well at the end. The rebellion was put down, the Jewish state wiped out, Simon was killed, and the Roman emperor forbade the practice of Judaism. So, yes... somewhat disappointing.

    Verdict: Jew.

    September 22, 2014

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