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    Solomon Islands

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    There are three countries named after Jews. There's Israel, natch, named after Jacob, aka Israel. That one is obvious.

    There are the Solomon Islands, named after King Solomon. You see, Solomon was purported to have brought piles of gold from some mysterious land to build his temple. For centuries, various adventurers, charlatans, and vagabonds have tried to discover the source. (For a literary example, look no further than "King Solomon's Mines", and its delightfully camp movie adaptation starring the then-young-and-incredibly-vibrant Sharon Stone. But we digress.)

    In any case, back in 1568, Spanish explorer Alvaro de Mendana became the first European to reach the Pacific archipelago, thought it was filled with considerable riches, and slapped it with the monicker. He was wrong about the riches. The only thing the Solomon Islands are filled with is sand. And trees. There are lots of trees.

    But that hasn't stopped some from extrapolating and searching for that lost temple. In fact, recently it was claimed that it was found, deep into the island forest. There was something there, alright. A bunch of rocks which might or might not once have been a structure. So, no Solomon's lost temple on the Solomon Islands. Also, no Jews.

    The third country? El Salvador, literally "The Savior", named after a Jew named Jesus. That one is neither here nor there...

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    September 9, 2015

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