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    Charlie Rose

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    January 5, 1942 —

    Over the past few weeks, many prominent American men have been accused of sexual harassment or worse. (Of course, the most prominent sexual harasser of them all is sitting in the White House. What the hell is wrong with you, America? Anyway...) Sadly, quite a few of these men have been Jewish.

    Harvey Weinstein. James Toback. Brett Ratner. Jeffrey Tambor. Jeremy Piven. Steven Seagal. Louis CK (ok, he is only a quarter, but we tried to claim him before, so there is that). You know what, let's not list them all, but there are a bunch more. In some of these cases (Weinstein, Ratner, Seagal), they were known douchebags, but... oomph. This is not a good fraternity. (Even if you subscribe to innocent until proven guilty, which we must. Still... oomph.)

    Which brings us to Charlie Rose, even-keeled, strait-laced Charlie Rose, often a calming voice in the valley of media nonsense. Well, he has joined the list, accused, among other things, of walking naked in front of women. Now, after a decade of requests, we still haven't profiled Charlie, so...

    NOT Jewish. How sad is it that we're feeling relief?

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    November 24, 2017

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