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    Frank and Storm Field

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    1923 – 2003, 1948 —

    Let this profile take you back to 1992. Yugoslavia splintered into pieces. The LA riots highlighted racism in America. An Arkansas hillbilly rose all the way to the White House. "Basic Instinct" made everyone think twice about trusting beautiful women. CBS New York unveiled a new weather team.

    Now, wait a minute, Jew or Not Jew! Why are you grouping a non-event in local television with momentous occasions (and also, Sharon Stone)? Well, because it was treated as such?

    It's hard to comprehend the significance of local weathermen today. Heck, we recently spent the whole Lee Goldberg profile trying to wrap our head around the notion, and didn't even come close. And yet, back in 1992, CBS treated its weather team as some kind of local royalty, blasting the airwaves with non-stop ads for the father-son duo of Frank and Storm Field.

    "This is a New York frank" (a hot dog). "This is a New York Frank" (Frank Field). "This is a sun" (the sun!). "This is a son" (Storm Field). [CRINGE. REALLY?] "This is a storm" (raining). "This is a storm" (Storm Field). "This is a father of the storm" (Frank Field).

    Now, something has to be said that we actually remember this campaign from 30 years ago, when we can't even remember what we had for breakfast yesterday. So props to the CBS ad wizards, we guess...

    But here is the kicker: Storm is not even the son's real name. It's Elliott!

    Verdict: Jew.

    April 18, 2022

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