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    A. J. Dillon

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    May 2, 1998 —

    On the northern coast of Africa, bathed by the warm waves of the Mediterranean, lies the city of Algiers. It's a bustling metropolis of three million people... not too many Jews.

    There used to be quite a few Jews in Algiers, but now the number is barely in the triple digits. Understandably, most Jews left when Algeria declared independence from France in 1962...

    Wait a darn minute here! Why are we rambling about Algiers, when this profile is about some guy named A. J. Dillon? From the looks of it, he is an American football player, right?

    Right. A. J. Dillon is a football player, a running back for the Green Bay packers. Dillon is Halachically Jewish, which just might make him one the best Jewish running backs ever... pretty much by default.

    So what does Dillon have to to with Algiers?

    That's his name. Algiers Dillon. Algiers Jameal William Dillon Jr., if you want to know the full thing.

    So, not an Algiers Jew. A Jew Algiers!

    Verdict: Jew.

    September 9, 2022

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