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    Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg

    Jew Score:



    1964 —, 1965 —

    Something strange is happening to American television. It's full of Jews.

    Gone are the days that you had to squint to find a Jewish family on television, or when Jews were brought in as sidekicks (Paul Pfeiffer) or punchlines (Krusty the Clown). Today's television landscape is somehow peppered with actual, full-fledged Jewish characters. Not only that, being Jewish is essential to the plot.

    Shows like "Transparent", "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel", "The Shrink Next Door", "Fleishman Is in Trouble", and "The Patient" (co-created by Jews Joe Weiseberg and Joel Fields, previously responsible for the wonderful, if rather goyishe "The Americans") couldn't exist without the main characters being Jewish. Well, they could, but that would make them completely different shows... and "The Marvelous Mrs. Matthews" or "Ferguson Is in Trouble" wouldn't exactly work.

    So what changed? Well, television did. The past decade saw a transition from traditional network fare to streaming. So not only more and more Jewish showrunners were given a chance to create, but have also been given the freedom to explore topics that might not fly in middle America. Who cares what some housewife in Toledo thinks about "those people" on her television screen? That same streaming service is bound to have a hundred other shows full of goyim that are more to her liking.

    We'll stick with the Jews.

    Verdict: Jew.

    February 22, 2023

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