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    John Sterling

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    (John Sloss)
    July 4, 1938 —

    Hey there, Hebrews and Hebrettes! It is I, Garrett the Internet Gremlin! We last spoke back in... 2016? Boy, time sure flies!

    For those who don't remember, I am the one who makes up and spreads Jewish rumors. Well, I don't exactly spread them myself, that's up to you! Gullible, gullible people of the Intertubes!

    I usually take on someone very famous. Boy, that Taylor Swift one was a doozy! Taylor Swift! Jewish! Oh, did you fall for it, foolish Intertubes! For a couple of months, at least! And then this stupid website profiled Taylor, and that was that.

    Sadly, it's pretty easy to prove that someone like Taylor is not Jewish. It works so much better when I target someone more obscure. Someone few really care about. Like this guy, Harold Moskowitz. Yeah, you heard me, Harold Moskowitz. I started this rumor 20 years ago, and it's still going strong. Talk about a Jew!

    You might know him better as John Sterling, who spent 35 years as the radio voice of the New York Yankees. A perfect score on BlowhardOrNotBlowhard.com, that's for sure! And, yes, he really is Harold Moskowitz. Jew, Jew, Jew!

    Huh? What? John Sterling really IS Jewish? I was actually right all these years, it's just that his name is NOT Harold Moskowitz? That part was made up? Well, I'll be...

    Verdict: Jew.

    May 10, 2024

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