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    Monica Lewinsky

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    July 23, 1973 —

    Maybe it's true that people don't change. But the world definitely changes around us. And then it's up to us to react.

    When we initially wrote this profile, our feeling was that Ms. Lewinski, in her guise of whiny seductress, was reinforcing a negative stereotype of Jewish women. We found that troubling and we very much did not want to be associated with her legacy.

    We're still not totally in love with the idea of Ms. Lewinski as a representative of our people. But nowadays she looks more like (yet another) victim of a powerful, manipulative male than the person we initially described her as (We won't repeat the words we used originally. Suffice to say that words were said). And, being fair, she's handled her place in history with surprising aplomb. Not to mention that her Twitter game is pretty strong; no small thing in these heady days.

    So yes, we've switched from disdain to pity—which isn't much better than where we were before—but we think it better reflects our feelings nearly two decades after the actual act. It makes for a far less funny profile, but then maybe that was the problem all along.

    The world keeps changing, that much is certain. The question is whether it's changed enough.

    Verdict: Jew.

    October 27, 2006

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