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    Hailee Steinfeld

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    December 11, 1996 —

    When we were kids, we really were into the Wild West. Indians, cowboys, buffaloes, tepees, gunfights, peace pipes, damsels in distress... And every time a Western was on TV, we had to watch.

    When we grew up, the Wild West turned out to be a great disappointment. The stories turned out to be glorified embellishments, the movies a cartoonish representation. (Well, except for "Blazing Saddles". Who doesn't love "Blazing Saddles"?) Watching Kevin Costner slog through the plains for three hours straight? No thanks, we'll pass.

    And pass we did, until the Coen Brothers remade "True Grit". Now, Westerns might not be our cup of tea anymore, but these are the Coen Brothers — how bad could it be!

    And bad it wasn't. Pretty terrific actually. From the Dude himself, Jeff Bridges (Sadly, Not a Jew), taking on the iconic Rooster Cogburn role, to the young Hailee Steinfeld (yes, Jew — at least half, the other a mixture of Asian, black, and various others), who steals the movie every time she's on the screen.

    So does this mean we're back to loving Westerns? Well, if Jews keep creating them, we just might...

    Verdict: Borderline Jew.

    February 23, 2011

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