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    It's hard to imagine we've gotten this far without discussing schlemiels. After all, schlemiels are all over Jewish literature, Jewish jokes, Jewish culture and, therefore, all over this website.

    For those of you without the Yiddish/English dictionary (and Hashem knows you NEED one of those), a schlemiel is someone with good intentions, who (usually through their own benevolent, but misguided actions), just can't catch a break.

    Someone who wants to do good but always sees the world turn on them? Can't imagine why Jews would find such a person humorous...

    Well whatever the reason, the schlemiel is to Jewish culture as the mafioso is to Italian or the Eskimo to... ummmm... Eskimoes. If you see a schlemiel, chances are, there's some Jew in there somewhere.

    With that in mind, when you next open the Sunday funnies (you and the other five people still reading newspapers), Ziggy should immediately jump out at you. (Figuratively. If it happens literally, ask your doctor if Zoloft is right for you, K?)

    Of course, the big nose helps (as does the fact that he was originally named Zigfried Schlump). And while there's little to no evidence otherwise, it's Ziggy's overall schlemiel-iness that seals the deal for us. He's a good guy, with good intentions, but life is just out to get him.

    Sadly, we can relate.

    Verdict: Jew.

    December 15, 2009

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